ppp cover

Poppy Peacock and Puffy Pig gathered peas each day. They would pop and pot them come what may. Poppy Peacock liked his pea popping but Puffy Pig wasn’t happy always pea pot cropping. Puffy Pig wanted to pop peas too. He wanted a plop pea pop to come due. Poppy Peacock would not let him…

Cassie 6 cover

Cassie and The Wild Cat are back for their 6th adventure at their shack. This time they were having a good meal when they were met with a new ordeal. A child came in and they both considered that a sin. Now the escape was on. They had to get rid of her before dawn….

Murder Has A Price

Detective Hollerin has received his badge after a few short years with only one thing in mind, find the real person who was behind the murder of Torrie and Kurt Price and put them in the ground. He, along with the Price’s butler Mr. Dunker, know without a doubt that Mr. Price would never kill…

worange cover

All Orange wanted to do was dance but he wasn’t allowed to prance. He had no one that could help him spin so everyone considered it a sin. Orange was determined though and used a little magic glow. Worange quickly came to be and she gave Orange so much glee. Will it work out for…

tob cover

Sam was your average girl until she got caught in a rainbow tornado whirl. Then her life began to change. She found that her bum could rearrange. It grew and grew. She could not believe it to be true. That is until she made a save and then her path in life began to pave….