• Published:
  • November 23, 2015

A Will To Believe

Isn’t it funny how people will believe most anything given the right situation? I was just thinking about that the other day. Heck you don’t even need the right situation. Some just want to believe.

Hypoallergenic dogs for sale set my mind off on that when I saw the ad. There is NO such thing as hypoallergenic cats or dogs, yet many still believe there are. There are many dogs that don’t shed which helps create less dander deposits and flare up allergies, but hypoallergenic is just another made up word, when it comes to cats and dogs at least.

There are other things people believe easy, from the car salesman who says some piece of crap will run for years to come to the very, very nasty. Like some claiming if you drink your own urine you’ll cure whatever ailment you have wrong. Pffffft to that in every way. Have to love the scary side of the internet, right?

Then of course there are the work ads that say $12 to $18 an hr depending on experience. When really they mean you’ll get $18 an hr when you work your butt off for us for a few years, no matter your experience. Have to love douchey employer ads.

Maybe it’s a person’s want to believe, as they haven’t gone cynical like a certain cat, or their need to go with the flow and be sheep. Or maybe their lack of brain cells or they forgot to take their meds. The last two would have to be the case for anyone to believe the urine thing, blah.

Do you believe everything off hand or do you do a little research first? The snake oil salesmen seems to have taken many forms these days. I still find it rather amusing how many people use hypoallergenic with dogs and some cats and believe it to be true. But who’s to mess with a good placebo, right?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Alex J. Cavanaugh

2015-11-23 17:57:07 Reply

Hopeful is one thing. Naive is dangerous.
Trust me, I research everything. If it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-11-23 18:49:36 Reply

    Yep, that is usually the way. Naive is dangerous indeed.

Bouncin Barb

2015-11-23 22:48:08 Reply

Hahaha, I’m still laughing at ‘hypoallergenic’ dog. I do know that there are some pretty gullable people out there.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-11-24 11:01:25 Reply

    Yep, gullible as can be to believe that ad many other things


2015-11-24 15:12:05 Reply

Hypoallergenic pets!?! I thought I’d heard everything! Obviously, I’ve gotten behind on news once again!

    Pat Hatt

    2015-11-24 16:02:49 Reply

    lol always something new. It is everywhere though so people must believe it.

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