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  • January 19, 2015

According To Spam According To Spam

So spammers seem to have such wise advice with their comments. I mean how can you top spam advice like “Great post” and the like. Sorry R, at least he/she/it doesn’t leave a link to try and get people to go to it. Blogger is great at keeping away the spam lately, as is Akismet, which I use here. The one exception is you can see many of the spam comments Akismet blocks before deleting them yourself. It makes for some interesting reading, for about five seconds.

“Great post, do you know what forum I can find this information on?” Meanwhile it was a post on the ninja wannabe and Pat. Hmmm good luck with that.

“I have you saved in favorites in my history.” You’re spam is history.

“This is such a great blog.” As great as putting your spam in the trash can.

“Do you know where I can find more information on the subject?” Spam a lot with those. I guess no one knows.

“I suggest making your blog more visual.”

“I suggest using less pictures.”

“I suggest using more pictures.”

“I suggest using bigger font. Great blog though.”

Wow, did someone put out a suggestion box without me knowing? Maybe their wires got crossed and it was suggestions in a hat.(hat…hatt…so confusing, right?) Sorry, this isn’t whose line is it anyway.

“Why don’t you come and look at this?” Because such spam would make me need my eyes scrubbed.

“Can you tell me how you did that?” Sure, just pull my finger.

“You should run for president.” Sorry, Canadians aren’t allowed.

“I like your layout can you tell me how it was done?” Nope, I just write it, I don’t make it.

“I love your site, just found it.” If you build it, err umm have it built, they will come.

Bored yet? But there are 500 more spam comments I could post, all basically saying the same thing. What? You don’t want me to post them? Okay, I think the spam idiots already had too much to say anyway.

I guess the cat and his search engine nuts aren’t so bad after all. They may be crazy as can be, but at least they don’t spam up the ying yang and pretend to be interested. I mean if they can’t find a mooning snowman they move on. Yeah, there is much worse ones but it is PG over here. Spammers and their spam can just go take a hike. I mean why bother? It gets deleted unless it’s a dead site anyway. Maybe they should go choke on a can of spam?

Have you ever seen the many spam comments that plague thee? Think there is a point to spam? Did you know they have software that can add thousands of spam comments in a matter of minutes? Yep, spammers are oh so high class now. They can take their spam and shove up their umm bum for all I care.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2015-01-19 23:12:14 Reply

Crap, I feel really boring now. I don’t get spam like that. Well, very rarely.
I should Google Ninja Wannabe and see if your other blog comes up first.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-01-19 23:49:29 Reply

    The Ninja Wannabe came up on the second page, none on the first though


2015-01-20 17:21:10 Reply

We share some of the same spammers, I see. Pretty sad to go through life with no intent other than to scam people.

Oh, well. At least we keep them from being too successful…

    Pat Hatt

    2015-01-20 18:21:58 Reply

    Yeah shout them out and let all know what scammers they are

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