• Published:
  • January 18, 2016

Bum Links

After nearly 2200 blog posts here and there, there being the cat, when I go back and look at a few I find a few dead links. Why I’m bringing that up is I read an article a few days ago that said dead links lower your page rank in Google’s eyes. Well that may be true, do you know how annoying it is to go through 2000+ posts and get rid of the dead links? Does Google even have eyes?

I’ve done 50 or so so far and then just said screw it. Maybe I’ll do more here and there but I would much rather write or watch TV or chase a meowing cat around or workout than go and get rid of dead links on my blogs.

Doesn’t it seem like there is always some little thing to do if one wants to stay ahead? But then who cares about page rank really? It’s not like 99.99% of the people who find your blog through google or some other search engine actually stay for more than 30 seconds or even leave a comment. Hits are sure nice to see but they don’t do a ton in the end. Also those who find you searching for “snowman balls” or something more crass don’t really add much to any blog.

So dead links or not? Do you get rid of them within your posts? I know some have a ton and it would also be quite the job to do. I also kind cringe at some of my first posts. The cat couldn’t spell it seemed and spellcheck must have forsaken him. That or he was just lazy. I may get them all one day, but not going to waste time going out of my way to get them all. How about you? Get rid of the dead links at your zoo?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Alex J. Cavanaugh

2016-01-19 00:14:04 Reply

Crap, do you know how long that would take? Forget it.
I have removed links that went to a particular blogger before. Long story.
I’ve never worried about hits or visits anyway. Sure, viral would be great, but those who come visit and leave a comment matter more to me.

    Pat Hatt

    2016-01-19 13:33:27 Reply

    Yep, would take forever for you too. Comments and true visitors matter more indeed.


2016-01-19 03:35:45 Reply

Totally agree with Alex. I did go back and fix every single broken link when the snowflake template I’d been linking too for years went belly up. Because I got so many whiny comments from people who don’t know how to do a search and find another template. (There were plenty out there.) I also went through and removed every link to my husband’s old abandoned blog after it got hijacked because I didn’t want to be sending any readers to a dangerous site. Not that many of my readers follow links that aren’t snowflake related. But just in case…

My millions of page hits come mostly from people who just want the pattern, nothing more. So page hits aren’t really that big a deal to me, even though I make a big deal of them. 🙂 Had another today complaining about white type on black background. And why didn’t I include a chart??? What’s wrong with me!!! The pattern says free! Where’s the friggin’ chart!!!

Who needs that kind of hits? “Move along. These are not the snowflake patterns you’re looking for.”

    Pat Hatt

    2016-01-19 13:34:38 Reply

    Wow, you get quite the bunch of whiners at your sea. Ignore them all, don’t need those kinds of nuts.

Bouncin Barb

2016-01-21 04:49:06 Reply

I can barely keep up with my blog roll and commenting as it is. Bum links can sit there!! Lol

    Pat Hatt

    2016-01-21 13:35:02 Reply

    lol let them be, works for me

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