• Published:
  • December 1, 2014

Are You Crazy?

A question I seem to get asked a lot from a few that now know I run two blogs. Am I crazy? Yes, in a good imaginative sort of way. But am I crazy for doing two blogs? I don’t think so. It is easier than you think. You just need to get over that initial hump and get some posts scheduled. Plus you need to get out of that mindset that it is hard or time consuming, because it doesn’t have to be.

1. Decide what you are blogging for. For instance this one is for more SEO purposes and the like, while still having fun. Where as the cat is just plain fun. If you don’t know why you are blogging, it will feel like work and you won’t last.

2. Allow yourself the ability to write on a vast array of topics when blogging. If you get stuck in one thing too long, eventually you are going to run out of things to talk about and start repeating yourself.

3. Blog for you and no one else. If you want to enter the world of blogging and all you want is comments, views, etc. then you aren’t going to last. Bloggers can tell when you enjoy what you are doing or if you are just looking for click bait to sell stuff or what have you.

4. Don’t fret about it. If you miss a post or you don’t have time, no need to blog. If you “need” to then you are making it like work. But again you can stop this step when blogging by being ahead in posts.

5. Make it easy. Forget Disquis and all the so called great crap that people add to their blogs. It turns many people off. If you don’t make it easy to find where to comment or read a post, your blog won’t go over very well. That is of course if you want others to comment and read. You have to bend rule three a bit when it comes to that because your audience must find it easy, most internet users have a low attention span. If they can’t find where to comment or you give them extra steps, then they will just leave.

So there are some steps to make it easier. As you can see by now I don’t post here every day. I don’t intend to either. I’ll leave that kind of blogging to the cat over at It’s Rhyme Time. Any good tips for blogging? What are some of your turn offs for blogs?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2014-12-01 23:56:41 Reply

Not adding any of that crap to my blog!
And that is exactly why I offer a variety on my blog. I have a few umbrella topics that give me the range I need. I certainly couldn’t be one of those authors who offers writing tips all the time. I’d grow bored in no time. Plus lead so many writers astray in the process…

    Pat Hatt

    2014-12-02 14:43:01 Reply

    lol sure you would have fine advice, but yeah I`d be bored to death in no time as well.

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