• Published:
  • June 22, 2015

Follow The Count

The other day I heard an actual company bragging that they had 5000 Twitter followers. Yeah, an actual brick and mortar store. I guess that is a lot for such a store, but bragging, really? Do they know how many of those people actually read their tweets? Probably like 5% at best. But then with a high enough follower count it can mean more people see it. In the end though, I doubt a ton really matters.

If it was 5000 sales a day or book sales a month, sure, that would be awesome. But 5000 followers doesn’t do much but prop up ones own ego, allowing them to brag like these guys did. Does a high follower count really mean much? Nope!

You talk to how many followers? 10? 20?

You know how many followers? 5? 10?

You have 1,000,000 followers. What does that mean? Usually it means people only follow you because it’s the “in” thing to do. Or they want to prop themselves up by being one of your followers. Of those 1,000,000 followers, I bet, only 1% actually ever really say anything worthwhile.

Pageviews come by the plenty.

Facebook friends can stack up.

Followers/friends/views/whatever can be there by the thousands and all you have really done is prop up your own ego. Sure it is nice to look at and sure people take you more seriously when you look important, but it is all nothing more than perception.

If you can bench press 1000 pounds, sell 1000 books a day, actually have a business that makes $5673.32 a day like those scams try and have you believe or manage 12 kids. That is impressive numbers. Being able to get people to click a follow button, not so much.

I have a lot and the cat has more. Does it do anything worthwhile? Not really. And I see no point in bragging about such followers.

A bragger are you? Need 1000’s of Twitter followers to brag to your friends? Doesn’t 1000’s of followers become kind of pointless at the end of the day, as you can’t manage them all.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2015-06-22 23:02:23 Reply

That’s like those who envy how many blog followers people like you and I possess – I tell them they really don’t want that many, because once it goes over a thousand, you can’t possibly manage them all anymore.
And five thousand followers next to yours is just laughable!

    Pat Hatt

    2015-06-22 23:10:49 Reply

    Yeah, once it gets that high it is rather hard to manage. Rather laughable indeed, but they were happy.


2015-06-22 23:23:23 Reply

I have 244 followers, and only two ever comment on anything I write. I will be the last holdout on Twitter. Who has the time for that?

I guess people who don’t have time to read meaningful blogs…

    Pat Hatt

    2015-06-22 23:31:09 Reply

    Yep, people who can’t type much love Twitter

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