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  • March 16, 2015

Idiocracy – Fact or Fiction? Idiocracy – Fact or Fiction?

If you have ever seen the movie Idiocracy you may be thinking it is coming true. If not, I will catch you up. The world gets so stupid that watching a butt jiggle on screen is their idea of a great movie. Of course there is much more, but all you need to know is mankind became idiots, even more so than now. Are we really heading for that path though?

– Reality TV dominates the airwaves

– Washed up celebrities or back water hillbillies star in such “TV” (I use that term very loosely, loose like a hundred year old’s umm use your imagination)

– When not talking about the weather the news consists of Bieber being arrested again, which celebrity is shacking up with which and what some idiot said on Twitter

– The IQ umm low tiers are the ones having lots of kids (at least according to stats and you know how much they are worth)

– A few scientists have said it isn’t too far gone a theory (Whether they were quacks or not I don’t know. Maybe asked Scrooge McDuck. He’s coming back you know. Ducktales, Who hoo!)

– People are generally becoming lazy, self entitled bums

– Technology is doing most of the work for us. (Meaning the kid at the cash register can’t give you change without the register telling them how much)

I could probably find a few more but I don’t want to cause a panic. Hey, some reader could have high anxiety. Or maybe I’m wrong and mankind will go more towards Skynet. Not sure which is the worst fate. Dumb and alive or smart and dead? I suppose alive you could always hope a smart pill could magically come along.

Obviously the movie was fiction, but it does seem to be coming fact. Maybe it won’t be aliens or zombies or robots or the plague or mother nature or Skarknado’s(I need to be kicked for using that reference) that do mankind in. It will just be growing dumber with each generation. Maybe apes truly will rule the world.  Any other to add to my list? Think mankind is getting dumber or is it more complacent?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2015-03-16 16:32:25 Reply

Both. Why use our brain when the Internet has all the answers? Which adds to the laziness. Toss in entitlement and we are in a real mess.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-03-16 17:56:47 Reply

    True, the Internet has made many lazy. And not all the info on it is truth


2015-03-16 19:13:45 Reply

I saw a news story just last week that said the millenials are the least skilled of the last four generations. They can play games, tweet and text. I’ve never seen the movie you refer to, but I thought Wall-E was right on the nose.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-03-16 23:32:15 Reply

    Yep, they can’t do a thing for themselves

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