• Published:
  • June 29, 2015

Observations While Driving

While driving four hours yesterday, what I do for the cats so they don’t have to go, a few nut balls decided to get in my way. So some observations while driving are in store.

1. Most people aren’t out at 7 in the morning.

2. Thus traffic is easy to get through. Can it still be called traffic if there is none?

3. Lights magically stay green. Funny how that works.

4. Yard Sale people are out early. I guess they don’t like sleep. Have to get that deal.

5. Businesses that are actually open on Saturdays are bored. Yep, saw a few workers pacing outside of open doors of their shops.

6. Driving is a foreign word to many. Crawling would be a better word. Do they think an elephant is going to get in front of them or something? It’s clear, it’s sunny, the roads are bare, no coppers around, so go the friggin speed limit at least. I’d prefer they go a little faster or get out of my way though.

7. A butt can fall asleep and start to tingle.

8. Hitchhikers are up early too. I guess they have a lot of walking to do.

9. Construction workers don’t move very fast. Pretty much in the same spot working they were the last time I went out 4 weeks ago.

10. Duct tape can hold much of a car together. I actually saw three that used duct tape on them. What is this? The south?

11. Happy go lucky slow pokes that are driving 10-20 below the speed limit like to give you a dirty look when you pass them.

12. If I’m the second or third one to pass them they seem more ticked off. Works for me.

Is there anything you notice when you drive a long way? Are you annoyed by people driving slow? If there is bad weather, sure, drive slow and not be a speeding idiot that will end up in the ditch, but if it is a clear summer day, pffft is all I can say.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2015-06-29 03:36:58 Reply

You should try driving in Colorado sometime… Anytime, actually. The people who make fun of California drivers have never driven here, I think.

I’ve been pedaling in traffic for the past two weeks, and I have to say, I had much more courtesy than I’ve had in the past. The drivers were mostly pleasant and alert.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-06-29 12:05:04 Reply

    That is great that they were mostly pleasant and alert


2015-06-29 04:07:39 Reply

Canadians love to drive next to each other on highways and express ways so that nobody can pass. Usually they are driving slower than the speed limit, which is not very fast to begin with. So… 4 slow lanes without any chance to pass. Argh!

I’d better stop before my keyboard catches fire.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-06-29 12:05:49 Reply

    lol we only have 2 lanes here for most of the stretch, so even worse to get by them

      K. C. Tessarek

      2015-06-29 15:35:20 Reply

      Our DVP (Don Valley Parking lot) has an HOV lane during the PanAm games. So 1 slow lane and 2 very slow lanes. It’s faster to walk – well, probably not for me, since I have a slight walking impairment and depend on a car. But things like this don’t occur to the idiotic politicians who come up with these great ideas.

        Pat Hatt

        2015-07-03 00:40:16 Reply

        The idiot politicians always get what they want though.

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