• Published:
  • August 24, 2015

Powered Down

So the other morning a stupid lightning strike took out the power in my area for a good 5 hours. The longest it has been out in a while. Of course it had to do it during a heatwave and when it was 95 degrees in my apartment. Ugg to that big time. The cats join me in my sentiments as well. Got me thinking though, I do that sometimes, what if the world went all Revolution for a few days and the power went kaput?

A few hours had people creating message boards on Reddit and going to Twitter and Facebook to whine away. Misery loves company I guess. I saw them when I was looking as to why it went out and when it would come back on. If it was days for some reason, I was ready to go to the other sea.

But a few days or maybe a week, what would that do? Think people would be civil for that long? Especially if it’s in the dead of winter or a heat wave. The answer to if it went out forever is easy, civilization, if you can call it that, would no longer be as we know it. But if it just went poof for a little while, do you think things would still get hectic?

The power goes out and no Internet, no paying for things, no getting gas in most cases, no food, no nadda. A back up generator is a good idea, but that only goes so far. People would sure start to get uneasy I think, but I don’t think there would be any super duper happenings. Maybe morons would riot but morons are morons no matter the day. Some events just spur them on.

Have you ever thought about it? My brain goes everywhere. I try and stay stocked for a good week. But if the power goes, the food in the fridge would be kaput too. Cashews I’d have to live off of for a week.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Alex J. Cavanaugh

2015-08-24 15:47:20 Reply

We’ve lost power for a day or two after a hurricane. That’s when it really hits you how much we rely on power. (What do we do now?) But a whole week? People would start getting into mischief.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-08-24 17:42:08 Reply

    That they probably would. Yeah, really hits you how much you use it


2015-08-25 17:39:28 Reply

I think about that all the time. We, too, would lose everything in the fridge if not during winter. We actually lost the fridge/freezer during the coldest time of year once. That was lucky! We’ve lost power several times. We keep flashlights and fresh batteries in easy to find places, as well as candles and matches. We also have a good supply of non-perishables on hand, food we actually enjoy and are able to prepare with water and campfire. We have clean water, just in case, and a small portable purifier, just in case. They all come in handy for camping, but they all come in even handier when the power goes out.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-08-25 17:48:33 Reply

    Wow, sounds like you are as prepared as can be. Awesome way to be indeed.

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