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  • March 9, 2015

Stats Up Stats Up

Isn’t it interesting the stats that people with no scientific background throw around?

Isn’t it interesting the stats that people with a scientific background throw around?

Are we going to play which sentence is not like the other? Hint: One word is different.

People with no degrees shout 1/10 people die from such and such a drug. People with degrees shout 1/1,000,000 people die from such and such a drug. Yet they don’t give any reason or evidence or anything to back it up. They just “heard” it and they are right. The Boogeyman could have posted the stats online for all anyone knows and yet gullible fools, degree or no degree, believe and repeat. Soon it becomes so called fact, until it doesn’t.

Isn’t it interesting how the stats say everyone and their dog is a bestseller?

Isn’t it interesting how the stats say you’ll make $5673.88 a day and quit your day job?

What? That doesn’t interest you? I swear the stats are true. I read them on the Internet in multiple places. That right there makes me an expert. You need proof? Okay, no problem. 8/10 people will make $5673.88 a day online if they try. 9/10 authors will become bestsellers if they put out a book. See? Now you have to believe me. The stats are out there and they don’t lie.

Isn’t it interesting how the stats say that movie was great?

Isn’t it interesting how the stats say that movie sucked?

Oh, two words different in that sentence. Or one different and one not there. Are we still playing that game? Where’s Waldo when you need him.

Recently 1/10 critics declared that movie as awful while 8/10 of them declared this movie as great. The stats don’t lie, it has to be true. Since when did opinions become stats? I guess since the creation of the Internet. I am allowed to answer my own questions, right? Can I get some stats on that? Some actually try and pass opinions of stick up their bum reviewers off as stats. I suppose at least they all have reasons as to why they hated it and you can see their rant on why, unlike the first example. You’d think people wouldn’t get stats and opinions mixed up. That’s the school system for you.

Make any stats up today? Got any more examples to add? Did you believe my make $5673.88 a day online stats? If so, I have a bridge I can sell you. It has a toll booth that brings in millions a day. The stats on it don’t lie.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2015-03-09 11:54:57 Reply

Stats are loaded from the beginning to be what people want them to be.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-03-09 17:28:53 Reply

    That they are indeed

K. C.

2015-03-09 16:36:43 Reply

Never trust statistics you haven’t faked yourself.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-03-09 17:29:18 Reply

    haha that is the best advice when it comes to them


2015-03-09 18:28:59 Reply

Very true. Most ‘stats’ are just opinions.
Doesn’t matter how many people said the movie was great. How much did it make? That’s the real stat.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-03-09 18:34:57 Reply

    Yep, just like Transformers. It made a ton, but was crap in my opinion. Still was a huge success though for the studio.


2015-03-11 03:45:13 Reply

Stories on stats drive me insane. Just saw one last week about how many pedestrians were killed by cyclists last year (2). Up dramatically from the year before (doubled). With no mention of how many cyclists (and pedestrians) were killed by texting, angry and/or drunk motorists in comparison… (150 in New York City alone).

When I was really young, my dad told me never to trust statistics because statistics could be used to prove any point of view.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-03-11 13:00:09 Reply

    Yep, they are all bent to the will of those doing the stats

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