• Published:
  • May 30, 2016

Stupid Things Said Part 2

Seems I have a new little post like the search engine thing for the cat that I can do every now and then. For people sure can go all brain dead many a time. Some are just kinda made that way. But at least they make it through the day.

  1. Writing manually is so time consuming. How else are you going to do it? Hook your brain up to the computer and transfer thoughts?
  2. Holidays are a poor man’s excuse not to work. Wow, someone is rather high strung and a workaholic.
  3. A barking dog means it is not threatening. Umm, dumb dog owner alert.
  4. Your aura is dark and needs smudging for $500. Don’t walk….run far away. Scam alert at your bay.
  5. If you can’t whistle you can’t sing. Really? The two are related? Folks, this is what happens when two brain dead people mate.
  6. The sun shines when you’re happy. There must be an awful lot of happy or unhappy people on a given day. No wonder weather people are always wrong.
  7. Forcing habits on others makes them accept the habit. And I’m going to turn into the Trix rabbit.
  8. Brain cells are dangerous. More like lack there of.
  9. I’d like to start a relationship with someone bonafide. Does anyone even use that word anymore? I guess at least one does.
  10. Washers cause cancer. Yeah, maybe if you stick your head into it and turn it on. Of course you may have already done that, hence the stupidness.

So those are the ones I jotted down along the way since the last post. Don’t you just enjoy the stupid? Some are far worse than others of course. Maybe I took the sun one literally, but meh, still dumb. Are there any stupid things you’ve heard lately?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2016-05-30 03:09:27 Reply

If the sun one was true, there’d be no snow in Colorado. Ever. With certain recreational pastimes now legal…

    Pat Hatt

    2016-05-30 12:00:08 Reply

    haha be a big drought there forever

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