• Published:
  • February 20, 2017

Stupid Things Said Part 4

It has been a while since I gave this a go. Doesn’t mean many a stupid thing I haven’t heard said though. For much has come due. These are the ones that stuck out.

1. Does a cat really have nine lives? She was dead serious too. Does that even need a response?

2. Eating something that your body needs yet you are allergic to is okay because your body needs it. Wow, so if I shoot you in the face it is okay because the gun needs to be shot?

3. 4 Wheel Drive means it is automatically good on icy roads. Do you have skates on those tires?

4. I don’t need to file my taxes. And I don’t need to take a pee, ever.

5. That is the only way to get where you want to go. Take this route and forget the others. Do I need to contradict someone who just contradicted themselves?

6. Like someone until they like you even if they hate you or you hate them. That will work out all Disney like, I’m sure.

7. People can’t have instincts because they are people and it is said, animal instincts. Wow, and people think they are smarter than animals.

8. I saw those stats on Wikipedia, they have to be true. I saw you can cure the common cold on a rhyming cat’s blog, it has to be true.

9. Facebook keeps society informed. I just got up. I just ate. I just took a crap. I just showered. I just thought a cool thought but then I forgot the cool thought. I just…I can do it on a blog. Who knew? Wow!

10. I always thought I could write a book but I could never write what I wanted to say. That is a good thing with the way that you drone on.

How about that? Have you heard any stupid things lately at your sea? Hopefully you never ever listen to the allergy one. That may end up not fun, as in you’ll be  dead. Common sense is key. Probably more like rare sense now though, especially with such statements above.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2017-02-20 14:42:22 Reply

Waxing political here… “Love Trumps hate”, and then burn down buildings, break windows, turn over cars and trash the place. Yeah, that’s love all right…

    Pat Hatt

    2017-02-20 16:22:50 Reply

    Yep, stupid as can be are many at your sea

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