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  • June 8, 2015

Superstition – A Walk Under A Ladder Superstition – A Walk Under A Ladder

I was out and about for an appointment the other day, there was sun, people walking here and there and the rest, I’m sure you don’t care. A usual sight, with a sign that said Your instead of You’re, but I’ll let that go. Contractors were working on a building and they had a ladder set up. I stood and watched for a second and every single person I watched, 23 to be precise, went around the ladder. At least 8 of them, 7 women and 1 man, acted like it was the boogeyman.

So me being me, I walked straight ahead and right under the ladder. Then came the dirty look. Then came the glare. Then came the, “How could you do that? You’ll have bad luck, blah blah blah….” I tuned the rest out. It was some crazy woman waiting for the bus. I guess she had nothing better to do. I just kept walking thinking how stupid people can be. How is it people still believe superstition stuff that only cavemen would find believable?

The floor has no 13 on it, it has a 14. I feel so much better. Pffft, the floor is still the 13th floor, no matter what the name says. At least for those that can count.

I smash a mirror and now I have seven years bad luck. Pffft once more. Two made up notions, luck and superstition. Wow, those who believe that are on a roll.

I get cat hair up my nose and it will go to my brain and give me bad luck for life. Hmm, you never heard that one? I just made it up. Let’s see if it sticks and if in 100 years gullible fools still believe it.

Have you ever been given a glare for walking under a ladder? Would you walk under it on purpose like me? Any other superstition stuff you find dumb? Superstitious at your sea? I hope not.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.




2015-06-08 17:00:36 Reply

I’m not at all superstitious. (Unless you count not wanting to say something in jinx my sports team when they are playing good.) The only reason I wouldn’t walk under a ladder is for fear of someone dropping a bucket of paint on my head.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-06-08 17:04:35 Reply

    haha I saw no paint, so I was good.


2015-06-08 23:27:02 Reply

I had a black cat for many, many years, so no, not really into the superstition thing. But I, too, don’t walk under ladders. Not just paint… What if they drop a hammer on me? Or what if they are too heavy and the ladder collapses? Or what if I trip and knock the ladder over and kill the climber and get sued for everything I don’t have???

All this, and I just found out I spelled Pffft wrong on the Cat’s blog…

Aargh. I must have smashed a mirror this morning. 🙂

    Pat Hatt

    2015-06-08 23:44:12 Reply

    lol I look for all of those things before I go under, just in case. Pfffft works good anywhere.

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