• Published:
  • December 29, 2015

Technical Difficulties

Don’t you love when you do one thing and everything is supposed to go smoothly but then the dreaded technical difficulties arise?

Moved the site around on my hosting as it was getting screwy the way it was and everything was supposed to work, but oopsy, didn’t work.

Of course I went and screwed up my email too, that was my bad, as I was trying to make the darn thing work. But meh, I just went with the technical difficulty flow and everything resolved itself with ease.

Hostgator was great at getting to the bottom of it, more help than blogger ever is/was. I guess that saying you get what you pay for applies, huh?

I actually had a few emails, once I fixed it, yes I can fix my own mistakes, asking where the site went. They were from people I had no idea who they were. Guess they would be my stalker fans? Hey, it beats search engine nuts that the cat gets. One even thought the books were gone and I was quitting. Geez, what technical difficulties can do.

Now kids books may be slower next year as one needs $$$ to do those and that means a job. Stupid Santa gave me a dud lottery ticket after all. But quit? Pffft not any time soon.

It was just technical difficulties and that is all. Don’t you love technical difficulties? Have you had any that screwed your site up? At least it wasn’t some malware or hacker crap.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Alex J. Cavanaugh

2015-12-30 11:44:06 Reply

I guess everyone needs stalker fans.
The only big issue I’ve ever had was McAfee saying my site was suspicious. I ran it through three different security systems and it came back clean every time. I noticed the same warning for about five other blogger buddies. I emailed McAfee countless times, but never got an answer. Think it finally went away on its own, but I did get emails from blogger buddies who also used McAfee and probably lost a few visitors during that time. (Which was at the end of March, right before the release of Dragon and the start of the Challenge. Fun!)
Hey, longest comment ever…

    Pat Hatt

    2015-12-30 13:15:33 Reply

    lol wow, look at you go with the long comment. I’ve seen that warning on a few sites which turned out to be wrong. Never got it on yours though. Sucks the timing of it though.


2016-01-06 05:15:40 Reply

Didn’t think to email you, but I did wonder what happened and where this blog went for two or three days. I kept checking back because I couldn’t really see you walking away, at least not without The Cat joking about it… I’m glad you’re back. Glad to know someone didn’t hack your site. Good to know things are back to normal and that you have stalkers!

    Pat Hatt

    2016-01-06 10:21:00 Reply

    Yeah, the cat would give a joke a poke. Dumb little crap and no hackers, thankfully.

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