• Published:
  • March 21, 2016

The Faster Way

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The faster way seems to be the way with everything now a days. We knew it with books and such. But I was reading other articles that says it is happening all over media wise and beyond. Which I could have guessed, but still.

The highest percentage of those that go to Comic-con and such conventions don’t even read comic books.

More people check the page count than ever before on a book. The shorter it is the more likely they are to buy. Except if it is too short. Not sure what constitutes the between level.

More people watch the movie than read the book in most cases, unless if your Harry Potter or something. Obvious one.

Long games no longer hold the attention they once did. Gamers today grow up on Angry Birds and easy smart phone games. They want to beat the game faster. A high percentage also wants it to be easier. A hard game takes too long to beat and requires too much time to learn how to beat it.

Even exercise people want easy workouts that actually work. And they only want to do it once or twice a week. That is rather pathetic because no matter what the fads say, not going to happen.

Notice the faster trend? It’s not like it is hard to see. Just seems rather pathetic when you look at everything. People are less effort for more these days. Are you one of the faster people? I can be for some things, like get me out of the grocery store line faster, but I’m sure not afraid to put the effort in.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.




2016-03-21 23:26:21 Reply

You know me… LONG bike rides, slow color (natural dyeing) and home-grown veggies. But I, too, would like faster lines at the grocery store, the post office and DMV.

    Pat Hatt

    2016-03-22 12:39:12 Reply

    haha don’t think the DMV will ever happen

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