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  • December 4, 2017

The Forward And Back!

The IWSG has quite the question this time. One that everyone alive has heard, at least in some context, at some point in their life. Not that it makes it any less fun. At least fun for me to pick apart. What is it? The suspense is building. Here it is. Nope. Not yet. Maybe I should change the wait time?

As you look back on 2017, with all its successes/failures, if you could backtrack, what would you do differently?

Why I always have fun with this question, besides allowing myself to think of how fun time travel might be, is going back and doing anything different would change the answer to this question every single time. Need explanation? I will try.

Say you did something you want to change back in March. You went back and changed it. This means you never did that thing. That means you would never have thought about going back to do said thing. That means you would never have created a way to go back and do said thing. That means said thing will always occur.

Did you follow that logic? Here’s another one for you.

Say you did something in March. Yeah, I know, already said that. Or did I? Maybe in another path I used April. Do I have you thinking yet? Is your brain hurting? Get ready.

So you change what you did in March. Somehow it even sticks. Now you veered from the path that brought you to this moment. A whole new path has been created from that day in March until this moment. Change one little thing and the dominoes fall another way. If that change is bad, it is good, right? Not necessarily. Something worse could have came due. Something just as bad. Nothing at all could have come due. How is the latter bad? It should be good, right?

Nope. Why? Because you changed the bad. Now in this new path you have no idea about the bad. This means that such an event can still occur. Why? Because while you changed the path, you get this question. Or maybe you don’t. Either way, at some point you will think about the original path. You will think what if. What if I did that. Then just maybe you will do it. And with no knowledge of said bad, what happens? You get the bad anyway. Then you want to change it again. And round and round you go.

So good, bad, or otherwise, I’ll keep everything because it is an experience. You constantly learn. Sure. There is crap I’d want to get rid of or fix, but I’d rather the crap I know than the crap I don’t. Knowing is the key.

Did I hurt your brain? Ever think about it that deep? Do I have too much time on my hands? How does one even have time on their hands?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Alex J. Cavanaugh

2017-12-04 16:15:05 Reply

Good point about not knowing you’d need to go back and change something if it never happened.
I’d rather not go back and mess anything up. Might step on a butterfly or something…

    Pat Hatt

    2017-12-04 19:56:02 Reply

    Yep, rather keep things as they are. Safer that way, usually.


2017-12-05 12:16:08 Reply

I wish I could go back and not miss Ride the Rockies, but I’ll live with the possibility of doing it another year. I’ll just try to stay as healthy as I can!

    Pat Hatt

    2017-12-05 14:52:11 Reply

    Healthy as can be is sure the way at any sea

Denise Covey

2017-12-06 05:50:35 Reply

Hey Pat! A fun take on the question. Nah, no going back. Life wasn’t meant to be flawless, was it? Be no fun if everything panned out the way we planned, LOL, but that’s not the usual take on things.

Looking forward to what you make of the WEP challenge. Hmm. It is such an open theme…

Denise 🙂

    Pat Hatt

    2017-12-06 11:09:22 Reply

    Nope, flawless it was not meant to be. Plans working out tend not to happen too haha Hopefully it will be fun, as open ended it is.


2017-12-09 01:47:51 Reply

Oh gosh – to go back … preferably not – but life is for living and just enjoying what’s around us … here’s to a happy 2018 = cheers Hilary

    Pat Hatt

    2017-12-09 12:13:57 Reply

    That life is indeed. No going back at one’s feed.

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