• Published:
  • June 15, 2015

The Nagging Happy Go Lucky

This is probably a post the cat should do as he can be more, umm, rant worthy at his sea. But that would mean it wouldn’t go until November. So what the heck. I’m not like him and doing Christmas posts in June. Fun talking about myself in the third person.

Ever get those nagging happy go lucky people that you just want to strangle? And I don’t mean happy for life, as that is a good way to be, but the nags that are happy because they want you to think they really are. Why do they want this? Because they want to sell you on whatever crap they are shoveling and they want you to think it is the BEST idea ever for you.

Even if you flat out so no way they still do not shut up. They spin around a whole new way and try to suck you in more. You make the mistake of being nice and then they are like a leech stuck to your butt. Until you slam the door in their face or hang up the phone. Can’t get the same satisfaction from slamming a cell phone. That would break and then just be a pain in the butt. Already have a leech mark, no need for a pain too.

When I got a few when I was actually employed, I had to bite my tongue, now, not so much. It can be a bit more invigorating to let them have it. But then you are just digging yourself a bigger hole. Why? Because they still won’t shut up. They twist things around because they have the BEST thing ever for you. Pffffft is all I say to that.

Have you ever dealt with a happy go lucky nagger? Any good tips besides slamming the door or going click on the phone?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2015-06-15 21:27:44 Reply

That’s why I don’t answer the phone unless I know who it is. And if I get stuck, they get three no’s before I hang up.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-06-16 00:52:17 Reply

    3 no’s is a good rule. I’ll have to use that one


2015-06-22 23:20:14 Reply

We get some happy go lucky salespeople at our door, and they’re not supposed to be in our covenant-protected neighborhood. I try to be polite and shoo them away, then they aren’t so cheerful any more.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-06-22 23:30:29 Reply

    Give them a good shoo and their cheer goes away, check

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