• Published:
  • November 30, 2015

The Road So Far…

I stole that from Supernatural who probably stole it from somewhere else, as the saying has been used a ton. But at least they have a catchy song. The cat has a few but there are none for me. He is more of an attention hog anyway. Right! On with it. Jobs it is.

So far I have learned from my job hunt that:

I’m not a woman!

Woweee. What gave me away? Could it be the thing between my legs? How did they know? Did they inspect down there with some x-ray machine?

I’m too over qualified!

Double speak for we want someone cheaper. Cheap labor without going overseas is our goal. Hey, at least we look good on the outside.

I’m not qualified enough!

Whoopsy, we are really hiring internally but just put the ad out there to appease the board. They won’t mind as they get their pay raises each year.

I have too much experience!

Yeah, our job is boring and we think you won’t last here so keep looking for other jobs, pal. Plus we want that cheap labor thing too. But shhh, don’t tell, we are equal opportunity and all.

I’m too efficient!

That is our reason and we’re sticking to it. No way do we want someone that will take work from us and show how little we actually do or try and take our position.

Those are just some of the things within things, “cough” the double speak “cough,” that I have encountered with jobs so far. Maybe I should send the cat out to find a job? He might think they are a vet and go #1 and/or #2 on them though. So that may not be wise.

Can you detect the double speak? Ever get it used on you? Have you used the double speak before? Sure we all have at some point to get things done or run away. Just the way things go sometimes.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Alex J. Cavanaugh

2015-11-30 00:32:28 Reply

Those all suck. Haven’t hit the minority one yet, have you? Hope you don’t have to resort to being Patricia Hatt.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-11-30 13:26:46 Reply

    lol go in drag all Tootsie like? Hey, worked for him.


2015-11-30 07:59:20 Reply

I’ve never faced most of those, but my husband has hit just about all of them. I’m sorry you’re facing this too. It’s so unfair, but what can we do?

    Pat Hatt

    2015-11-30 13:27:10 Reply

    Can’t do much, just keep on a trying.

Bouncin Barb

2015-12-03 13:05:41 Reply

Used on me more times than I like to remember! Looking for work is exhausting and will cause you to doubt yourself. Keep the head up and don’t budge. Someone will appreciate you.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-12-03 13:10:54 Reply

    Hopefully soon though so a broke I don’t go lol

K. C.

2015-12-14 22:26:29 Reply

Next time you get something like “you’re too efficient” or “you’re over qualified” ask them exactly this:

Please, can you tell me what you mean by that? Are you telling me you are looking for idiots? (In this case you should probably talk to cops or politicians.)

Let’s see, if they can explain it. Then, say: You are right, I’m too intelligent to believe your BS.

Record the entire thing, put it on youtube and send a link to the HR guy.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-12-15 13:39:00 Reply

    lmao I never thought of recording it and putting it on Youtube, now there is an idea. I’ll have to get one of those slick button cameras

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