• Published:
  • May 27, 2015

Tips From The Peanut Gallery

What is the peanut gallery anyway? Beats the heck out of me but people say it. So after last weeks blogfest I received an email from some…”kind soul”…who I never even heard of before. That proved a few things.

1. Some people have too much time on their hands

2. I have a blog stalker/creeper/viewer here. Is there a difference between the three? Maybe.

3. Tips are sooooo helpful(sarcasm)

What was this great tip? Why was it so great I have to share it with you? Waiting for the tip? You better sit down for this one. It will be like you just opened your most sought after gift on Christmas morning. Like you just won the lottery. Like your house just burnt down and you have to live in the gutter. Wait! Ignore that last one. The tip is nothing like that. What was I thinking?

Tip from kind soul:

“You shouldn’t do blogfests on an author blog. You should only talk about books.”

Wow, isn’t that the best tip ever? Why do anything different? Let’s bore people with the same old same old and what has been said 1000 different ways already. Let’s show books that are already on the site for people to see. With tips like that who needs original ideas?

Maybe my kind soul was from Hollywood? Low blow? I don’t think I can bend low enough to get down to anyone’s level there. Whoops. I make have offended my Hollywood kind soul.

Hey, at the very least I got some blog fodder out of kind soul’s tip. Also it wasn’t King Abubu asking me to share his fortune for the 100th time. So there are perks.

Do you think the tip is right? I hope not at your site. Do you think blogfests are bad? Poor A to Z must have a stigma from kind soul. Do you think kind soul will send me not so kind hate mail after this?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Doug Paton

2015-06-04 13:56:08 Reply

sometimes the peanut gallery is useful, such as for a post

    Pat Hatt

    2015-06-04 13:57:34 Reply

    That they can be

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