• Published:
  • March 30, 2015

Writer Brain Or Common Sense Brain?

So I was told the other day that only a writer’s brain would think that. I suppose in a lot of cases that would be true, but for this instance it was kind of umm not. Unless you are a caveman or live in Encino with Pauly Shore and George of the Jungle, it was more common sense than writer brain.

“Why does this door go in and not out?” was the question at hand. Yep, that was the question.

“Because it may smack the hallway wall and in some cases two doors from each apartment won’t be able to be open at the same time.” Was my long winded response. “Idiot” is what I wanted to say and walk away but I was nice. It must have been an off moment.

“Oh, now I see why you are a writer. That writer brain sees everything.” They smiled and went on their way.

Umm, if that is writer brain then it is no wonder all there are around is remakes and reality TV. Another to add to the pile of evidence that Idiocracy is coming true.

If I would have said aliens didn’t allow it or an army of cats brainwashed the builders into making the doors go inward, that could be classified as writer brain. It could also be classified as BS depending upon your view.

Some people just don’t have a common sense brain. It is very sad. Maybe not sad for them as they have no common sense to realize they have no common sense. A good catch 22 for them I suppose. Sad for those with common sense that have to deal with them is more like it. Maybe they should change the word “common” when it comes to common sense, because it sure as heck isn’t common any more. Hmmm that could be a good post for the cat. I’ll have to remember that.

Think writer brain and common sense brain are a thing? Is writer brain and common sense brain one in the same? Know anyone without common sense?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2015-03-30 22:45:42 Reply

If the writer brain is common sense, I’ll take that one.
Although dumb thing for him to say. That was the logical reason as well, and that’s definitely left brain. Maybe he was a no-brain person?

    Pat Hatt

    2015-03-30 23:27:31 Reply

    A no brain person would sure explain it


2015-03-31 00:41:05 Reply

Brainless folks really get under my skin, but I try not to show it. I think writer’s sense and common sense both are a dying breed, sadly.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-03-31 00:50:53 Reply

    Yep, seems everyone is getting dumber these days

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