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  • April 25, 2016

A To Z Lite Part 3

Today I’ll be done the A to Z here with 3 posts. Heck, that was rather easy to do. The cat may be jealous now.

tob cover

S is for Superhero, even if they have a strange big butt power.

Pat Hatt - Tarsier Man The Face of Space

T is for Tarsier Man. With 13 books so far, old bug eyes has a few fans.


U is for Under. Yeah, the Boogeyman may be under your bed.


V is for Vehicles. Watch out when they come alive.


W is for World. There seems to be 7 of them just like N for Not. Go figure.

pat hatt cassie and the wildcat - a ball at cat hall

X is for Xerox. Hey, I couldn’t say sequel. There is no X in the word.

Pat Hatt - Tune at high noon

Y is for Yonder. Like there is cowboys over there yonder. That works, right?

Zombie Man 2

Z is for zombies. Who knew there could be a nice super hero zombie?

And there we are. The a to z here is done and the shameless self promotion is too. The a to z lite is rather fun to do. Somehow I still think it may be too much for a few, as many on the list quit early on or didn’t even bother. But oh well, works for here.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Alex J. Cavanaugh

2016-04-25 15:10:00 Reply

You managed to cover all of the letters with your books. Well done!

    Pat Hatt

    2016-04-25 17:38:40 Reply

    Easy to do and still have quite a few left


2016-04-25 23:28:37 Reply

Bravo! Well done! X cracked me up!

They say attention spans are getting shorter and shorter with tweeting and texting becoming the primary form of communication for many, so it doesn’t surprise me that alphabeters don’t all stay the course…

    Pat Hatt

    2016-04-26 12:41:46 Reply

    Yep, many sure don’t stay as they go astray

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