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  • November 17, 2014

What Is A Tarsier? What Is A Tarsier?

With Tarsier Man’s tenth adventure released today and the other 9 adventures FREE for the next two days. Did you notice I said, I mean typed, FREE? That is 9 adventures you can enjoy of Tarsier Man absolutely FREE and you know it is free to leave a review as well. Just some free advice. Don’t you just love free?

So where was I before my free tirade, oh yes, now that Tarsier Man has a new book that all should buy for Christmas time, sly plug, right? I have noticed that some people do not even know what a tarsier is. Heck, I did not know what it was until I went around looking for funky looking animals for a blog post years ago.

What is that I hear? I only just started this blog? Where have you been. The cat has a blog as well. It’s Rhyme Time. You know, a rhyming cat. You just have to see that. Okay, now that I’ve informed those umm not informed, what the heck is a tarsier?


Source: Wikicommons

That my dear friends, and internet stalkers, is a tarsier. Can’t you just see it being a super hero? All it had to do was spin its head around and a super hero was found. Don’t you just want to go and get a FREE book? Those tarsier eyes are watching you.

The tarsier is a small primate that lives in trees, eats bugs and likes to come out at night. I bet that could describe a few humans as well. But we’ll refrain from referencing them here. Or at least I will, you can feel free to. Tarsiers have huge eyes, obviously, a long tail and long hind legs.  They live in south east Asia. Oh and tarsiers have big ears, obviously. Did you get all of that tarsier information from the picture anyway? Bet you didn’t get south east Asia. Unless you live there, then you got them all and are just here reading the word FREE, right?

Have you ever heard of a tarsier before? Have you ever seen a tarsier before? Would it surprise you to know that humans search them out for pets? No, probably not. Got a Tarsier Man book or two or three yet?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2014-11-18 01:30:17 Reply

Actually, I have heard of a tarsier before. (I’m sure the Crocodile Hunter went after him at some point.) All the books are free? Wow!

    Pat Hatt

    2014-11-18 01:35:06 Reply

    I’ve seen it in a movie or two as well before. Yep, all 9 are free at amazon’s sea.

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