• Published:
  • December 15, 2014

A Little Jingle Jangle

So here we are ten days before Christmas and all through the world people are running to and fro trying to finish up shopping or looking for deals. Deals are nice, when you know you’re near broke, and can get things cheap, or at least made to look cheap. Forget that they jacked the price up the month before and then put it back down a month later, calling it a great sale. Hey, maybe you have a coupon so you can save a little bit more on that great sale. If you’re really lucky there may be a mail in rebate, that you’ll wait months to get back.

I said this would be a jingle jangle. It’s Christmas themed at least. So there is some coherency to it. May not turn out so little, so I could have lied a bit. What? We’ll just go blame the cat for that. Anyway, don’t you just love the elbows flying, the jam packed parking lots and the people fighting over the last turkey at the grocery store? Everything has to be perfect in their own little world. Have to have this and this and that. Then exhausted from being out and about, you come home and go to bed. Maybe grump and growl a bit first. At least you can keep the dog entertained that way. A Christmas butt sniffing may be in your future though.

All the Christmas wrapping needs to be done, along with all kinds of other things that you must have. Then all of that work, Christmas is here and gone within a day. Is it worth it? That is to each their own. I may even say yes. But is it worth it done that way? I’d give a big fat no to that.

Wouldn’t Christmas be easier to have everything bought, wrapped and done by at least the week or two before? If you say no, you are either a coupon king, or queen, looking for that great deal or you like fighting people for the last can of spam. I suppose it could build muscles though. What is that? You didn’t have time until now? Those clocks must really have it in for you. Unless you were off visiting the moon for three months, there was always time. Choosing to do something else doesn’t mean you don’t have time.

So are you an early Christmas shopper? A do it last day Christmas shopper? Do you even celebrate Christmas? Yeah, I said Christmas and not Holiday, so un PC of me. Whoopdi Friggin Doo is all I say to PC. That is in the Christmas spirit, right?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2014-12-15 04:39:02 Reply

Shopping is close to done but still need some food for the big day. Even have most of the wrapping done. Pretty easy since the kids are grown and not that many gifts being exchanged. All the fun is in being together.

    Pat Hatt

    2014-12-15 13:06:54 Reply

    Being together can sure bring the fun indeed and nice to have everything done as well.


2014-12-15 18:25:09 Reply

I’m an early, online shopper. I really don’t have to deal with any crowds.

    Pat Hatt

    2014-12-15 18:33:17 Reply

    So nice doing that. Pain in the butt when going out for groceries though with the nuts to and fro


2014-12-15 19:39:54 Reply

Thank you for saying Christmas instead of holiday. I get so tired of the PC!

I do not Christmas shop. I make. And I’ve always liked it that way. Until I just received this year’s calendar gifts in the mail. Literally this year. 2014. Back to the drawing board for me. Last-minute, too.

Oh, will this be fun. Can I say, “Bah, humbug!” ???

    Pat Hatt

    2014-12-15 19:45:59 Reply

    lmao of that sure does suck, 2014. Big boo boo there. And yeah screw all the PC crap.

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