• Published:
  • October 14, 2014

No New Superheroes? No New Superheroes?

Have you ever thought about the super hero genre and how things are basically the same as they were when these characters first came to be? Yes, there have been many incarnations and stories and crossovers and what have you. A person could go on forever with such things. But while they may have changed in design, outfit, etc. their core character is still there. There have been no new superheroes with the popularity of Spider Man or Batman or Superman created in the last, at least, couple of decades.

Sure you’ve had a few misfires and some good ones that just couldn’t pick up steam, but there hasn’t been any big hit to the superhero world in ages. Do you think it is the human frame of mind of sticking with the tried and true? Or maybe it is because all the powers and superheroes have already been used? You know you are getting to the low end of the totem pole when Boogerman come to fruition.

With the surge in Hollywood you’d think people would be trying to get new superheroes out there, and they seem to be. But they just don’t seem to grow or gain the staying power of a Wolverine or a Spider Man. Then again you’d never expect that in Hollywood as the movie business only makes films that can turn a profit, for good reason as they want their investment back, but nothing new every comes due with that philosophy.

I just had to throw Tarsier Man in there. It seemed like as good a place as any. A super power that allows him to pop his eyeballs from his head is original, isn’t it? Plus some ears that can stretch or grow out like Dumbo’s. He can dig into the ground like a mole and even shoot an energy beam. Hmm if I can draw comparisons to some things with some of his super powers, maybe original is no longer a word to use for anything. True originality seems to be all but dead now a days. But originality in the end idea does seem to be alive and well in some cases.

So what do you think? Is originality dead? Is there two types of originality? Are superheroes stuck being recycled forever? Why do you think no new superhero has caught on as much as say Superman or Batman? I hope I gave you something to ponder.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.

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