• Published:
  • May 22, 2017

A Schedule Shift

Nope, my OCD still keeps me on Mondays here, even with the oopsy posting early that other time. Must be some pre-programmed thing in my head. Yeah, we’ll go with that.  But that isn’t the schedule I mean.

Do you have a book schedule? Meaning like one that you want to write before you do the next idea and the one after that?

My mind tries to make up one, but it never sticks, ticking it off a bit. I can tick myself off, who knew? For Max Blizzard 3 was on task and then I wrote that short story for the last WEP, and poof, schedule blown.

Two weeks after that I started and now Delivered is done. A full-fledged 90K+ word novel. Never once suspected the short story to take me there. Of course I need to edit the crap out of it and such. But after that first draft is done, clear sailing as the bulk is complete.

So now on to book 3 for Max and book 9 in my other series and a sequel to A Thousand Miles and…hmm I have a feeling my list may still get messed with sooner or later.

Do you find yourself hopping to a new idea/story? Do you like an idea sequence? Do you even have multiple ideas at once? My OCD really hates having two books partially written and skipping to another. But have to go where the muse jumps.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Yolanda Renee

2017-05-22 13:26:30 Reply

I’m constantly jumping from on task to another. Not sure you ever get used to it, but really wish I had a new story ready for the next WEP! 🙂 That’s the one escaping me now.
Congrats on all the progress, may not follow the rule, but hey, you’re writing!

    Pat Hatt

    2017-05-22 14:49:35 Reply

    Yep. Still writing away at least. I haven’t started the wep post yet for next time.


2017-05-22 14:00:24 Reply

Just like quilts, I jump from one to another. Or I guess like a butterfly, I flit from one flower to the next. I do think it’s important to be in the right mood for each book, which sometimes determines what I’m going to work on. I had a goal of finishing and publishing one a year, but, well, uh, um…

    Pat Hatt

    2017-05-22 14:50:10 Reply

    Maybe one every 3 years or so there at your show? lol

Alex J. Cavanaugh

2017-05-22 19:22:17 Reply

At this point I’d be happy to have any story idea.
And oddly enough, I never had an idea for the next book until the one before it was published.

    Pat Hatt

    2017-05-22 19:32:41 Reply

    Guess you just needed the publish sign for a new idea to align

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