• Published:
  • October 12, 2015

Easy One, Cover Fun

It is Thanksgiving up here and Columbus Day down there(If I’m not mistaken) so I figured I would make a simple post for today. We’ll go with that excuse. Hey, I’m dog sitting tomorrow, that is a good excuse too, right? No? Back to Thanksgiving it is. And guess what? No people stomping each other up here for sales.

Murder has a

I threw a bunch of ideas out there for the cover for the murder book and this is the cover I got back. Thoughts?

I think it is way too cheery, no need for green grass. The hand and gun may be a bit much. Should I go less is more with the cover and just have the headstone with maybe some fresh graves behind it? Has to be darker too, murder shouldn’t seem cheery.

Thoughts once more on the cover? This isn’t coming out until May. So I have a lot of wiggle room.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2015-10-12 03:35:02 Reply

Could you adjust the frame lower, less grass, hand not behind the title? What if the photo was infrared instead of bright, cheery color? To me, that would be pretty eerie…

    Pat Hatt

    2015-10-12 14:19:57 Reply

    I think a lower frame would be way better and yeah, have to get rid of that bright and cheery color.

Alex J. Cavanaugh

2015-10-12 19:38:09 Reply

Agree it’s a bit too cheery. Needs a darker setting.
Didn’t even see the hand and gun until you said something. I do like the idea of the blood dripping down the headstone.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-10-12 19:41:23 Reply

    I’m gonna try and keep the blood, but yeah, get rid of the cheer and goes to show the hand and gun isn’t needed.

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