• Published:
  • March 2, 2015

Getting There Book Cover Wise! Getting There Book Cover Wise!

So after the cat took many a suggestion and feedback at his blog, fun when you can talk about yourself in another persona huh? Or a tad crazy I suppose. But that is fine by me. Anyway, after taking feedback on the book cover of the secret project, of which I am almost done(besides my most hated thing, editing!), had to get it moved about and changed a bit. Reminded many of comic strip/kids book type books. And we can’t have that. Especially if a few swear words get dropped here and there. The PTA would be out for my head then, or maybe the SPCA since I can blame the cat. Heck, maybe the NSA will join the CIA and FBI in telling the PTA to chill because it is TGIF? No?

But to avoid that, used the feedback for the book cover and came back with:

– can’t remind solely of cats(some thought cat adventure)

– can’t remind of comics(some thought comic or graphic novel)

– can’t remind of kids book(some thought..you get the picture)

– can’t have orange hair(should be a given, I don’t need to be a backwards Oompa Loompa)

– should have cats being cats and not looking bored

That was the main feedback for the book cover from my four I showed off. So took that and fooled around and then had the above come about for a book cover. I know, right. It took me long enough to talk about a book cover you seen when you clicked on the post. I guess I am just not as fast as the cat.

Of course the above book cover is not done, just a sketch of what will be, but I think it improved on the others and has a more adult feel. Any guesses now as to what the secret project could be? Should be out by June or so, but you just never know.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.




2015-03-02 17:08:47 Reply

The cats can’t look bored? But that can be realistic.
Orange hair is definitely a no.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-03-02 23:48:19 Reply

    Yeah orange hair had to go. True, cats can be bored


2015-03-03 00:21:18 Reply

I have the most difficult time choosing book covers. They say thumbprint-sized versions need to be able to grab attention and sell. What can you put in a thumbnail that a person can actually see!?!

Fun to think, though, we’re both working on secret projects. Mine will be done first. If I meet my deadline…

    Pat Hatt

    2015-03-03 00:54:33 Reply

    Yeah there is not a lot you can put in such a thumbnail size. I still have another 56,000 words to go on mine.

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