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  • November 17, 2015


Does any author actually like marketing? From the posts I’ve seen over the years that is a big fat no. It is fun to interact with blogging and such like that, but all the other stuff can get quite annoying. It can also suck the fun out of the actual writing.

Seems more like a darn 9-5 beat your head against the wall job with the marketing stuff. Plus it seems everyone is getting less sales on Amazon for some reason lately, at least most I talk too. Maybe all the ones downloading for free are spoiled? Or they got so many free ones they don’t care anymore as they have quite the library.

It just popped in as I’m considering a year of no marketing and just writing when I can. What happens, happens and that is that. Oh, there will be the odd blog post, but may just get back to the fun of it and screw everything else for a while. After all I’ve hated marketing with a passion ever since I took a marketing course in university.

Plus I have to find a job or the cats and I will be living in Profanity Granny’s basement in a one horse town. Big no way to that. So that will suck time away from marketing, writing, etc.

So maybe it’s time I got back to just the fun of it and damn the rest.

Do you enjoy marketing? Think a year off from marketing is wise? May not be wise, but hey, when you got no dough to market, you can’t do it anyway.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2015-11-17 13:23:23 Reply

I’m with you. Marketing is so time consuming and not fun in the least.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-11-17 13:24:24 Reply

    That it is.


2015-11-17 13:49:25 Reply

I hated it in school. I hated when I had to sell ads in school for the school paper. But I liked designing the ads. I hated shooting for most ads when I was a full-time journalist. I hated when ads bumped stories, because, you know, they pay the bills.

But now I’m not connected with any news outlets, and I get to advertise what I want when I want, plus, shoot and design the ads, too. That’s definitely better than the past.

Sometimes I look at marketing as a creative writing assignment. How good can I make it without sounding cheesy? I guess I don’t mind the adventure of that challenge. But marketing overall these days is difficult because I’m not into what buyers are into, and I’m not really willing to make a plunge into stuff I don’t want. Selfish little thing, huh?

    Pat Hatt

    2015-11-17 14:29:12 Reply

    lol nothing wrong with being a little selfish. When doing it all yourself it can be fun indeed. But trying to get the crap out there is so very annoying.

Alex J. Cavanaugh

2015-11-17 18:22:32 Reply

Some authors do very little marketing and sell well. I know many of the old ways don’t work anymore.
And yeah, my sales at Amazon have dipped the past few months.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-11-17 20:40:03 Reply

    Wish I was one of those authors lol so screw marketing it is

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