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  • July 13, 2015

New Books On The Horizon New Books On The Horizon

Well, thanks to being “retired” I’ve got my lineup done for the rest of the year. Two novels coming out in the fall-ish. And of course kids books one a month. Even some more adult books I’ve had ideas for, but those aren’t done. I have another book ready to go for 2016 too.

The first is obviously the one I used for the cover image for this post. A Not So Natural World. The 6th in my first series. The second is the second in my other series, Max Blizzard and The Cup of Kings.

Max_Blizzard 2

And the the 2016 one is the 7th in my first series. Only 5 more to go in that one and then my vision of 12 novels will be complete for that series. Doesn’t the reverse Oompa Loompa make you go wtf?


Also trying my hand at a detective book right now, with a little spin on it. So that one should be ready to go for 2016 too. I figured I would just give the lineup. Things can change of course. As I still have 25 episodes of Imagine Hatt season 2 to get done. Plus the cat needs to work on the a to z posts. Yep, I’m doing those now.

There is my updates for the, near, half year. How about you? Do you have any more books or projects on the horizon?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


K. C. Tessarek

2015-07-13 04:24:48 Reply

Can’t wait for the new book in the ‘A Not So … World’ series. I’ve greatly enjoyed the first 5 books.
The storyline is rather complex, which makes you think when you’ve finished a book, and I find it very imaginative to have a cat as one of the protagonists.

Keep up the great work.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-07-13 12:12:20 Reply

    Awesome, glad the first five were enjoyed. Yeah there are a lot of moving parts to them that I have to keep track of, with so many characters. Orlin the super cat, just fell in place, and he works so well.


2015-07-13 05:23:46 Reply

That’s a wonderful use of your “down” time! I’m glad the squeaky wheel is getting so much oil! Or ink, in this case… Perhaps the books will one day generate enough revenue that retirement can be sufficient. 🙂

I just have to shoot the cover for my next one. Now that my organized rides for the year are done, maybe I can get that little burr out from beneath my saddle…

    Pat Hatt

    2015-07-13 12:10:57 Reply

    Yeah, that would sure be nice to generate such an income. Now you can get yours done and have some fun

Alex J. Cavanaugh

2015-07-13 21:41:21 Reply

Awesome! I wish I could write as fast as you do.
I’ve read many of your short book – would like to dig into one of your novels soon.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-07-13 22:26:19 Reply

    So far everything just flows. The novels are fun to do, first one is the set up, so a bit slower, then once I dig into the mythology behind everything, things sure get fun.

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