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  • February 6, 2017

A Not So Characters World!

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So today marks the day when book 8 in my first series comes out, as if the link to it didn’t suggest that, huh?

And in this one many characters collide from the series, not as much as in book 9, which I’m about half through writing now, but still quite a bit. About 15-20 main ones in this one. And it was rather good timing as I was asked how I mix so many characters in a few weeks back.

The simple answer, I just do. When they fit they fit. I don’t just shove them in there for the sake of shoving them in there. They all have a purpose and the story gets told as it unfolds.

It really is that simple. Some just chuck characters in there and they are useless, you can tell they are useless too. That is when one goes all wtf, how do others do it? Well others do it and fit them in because they “fit” in. They aren’t forced in. At least that is how it works for me.

Ever get a ton of characters colliding in one book? On book 8 or more in any series of yours?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Alex J. Cavanaugh

2017-02-06 13:14:26 Reply

I tend to keep my main characters down so I’ve not had a big collision yet.

    Pat Hatt

    2017-02-06 15:08:16 Reply

    When they all collide it can take some tap dancing around.

Denise Covey

2017-02-07 02:05:55 Reply

Hi Pat! I can just see you colliding your characters! Congratulations on yet another book in the series published. I get tired just thinking about it!

    Pat Hatt

    2017-02-07 11:37:59 Reply

    Colliding was fun and yeah, can leave your head spun


2017-02-10 14:51:56 Reply

Congrats on yet another book! I pull characters in as I need them, too. Sometimes it can be fun to develop new characters, but sometimes, it’s difficult to keep them all in line when you can’t write every day.

    Pat Hatt

    2017-02-10 16:39:10 Reply

    Yeah, after extended periods of time it can be hard to remember everything.

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