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  • February 2, 2015

A Not So Humane World A Not So Humane World

So this one has been a long time coming. I wrote the first 4 inside a year and this one has taken 2 years to get out, or there abouts anyway. That is what happens when you can only type with one arm very carefully for a little while, but now I can type as fast as I like with one arm, so I get there.

A Not So Humane World is the 5th in the series I started a while ago. I can surely tell the writing has come a ways since I started, not story wise, as that is still fine, but fine tuning and such. Ever notice that on any of your previous ones? This series is a bigger undertaking then the rhyming books, kids books, or even the Max Blizzard series because I planned this one out to be 12 books from the very beginning. Only 7 more to go. I’ll get them done unless I get hit by a bus or something.

But I had some drive to get this one out as I got an email asking when the 5th would be coming out. I guess he enjoyed the other 4 and has been waiting for the 5th. That was nice to hear indeed. Ever get any emails like that? I usually get hate mail, for the cat, not me haha but that was a nice change of pace.

I have mixed everything from alternate realities to a super powered cat into this one, of course the super powered cat was in the last one to. Even some zombies and vampires and werewolf stuff. Never fear, they aren’t the lovey dovey ones and have a reason behind them. Plus Duke Drazin is a staple in these books, many may know him as a character I use everywhere. Some greek myth, fairies, a guy with a dead head fetish and much more lies ahead. How can you beat that? Hopefully A Not So Human World is enjoyed as much or more as the past 4.

Can find it by clicking here.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2015-02-02 19:15:28 Reply

You continually amaze me with your ability to churn out book after book after book. Is the one-arm thing permanent, or will you be full-bodied again one day?

I would trade all the snowflake emails in the world for a complimentary email like that! How neat the reader spoke up and let you know your series is being enjoyed!

    Pat Hatt

    2015-02-03 00:44:58 Reply

    Oh I think the arm is screwed. I can do 400 pushups on it but can’t hit a button. Go figure. Oh yeah an email like that sure makes you want to write more.


2015-02-02 21:06:15 Reply

When you have fans asking for the next one, you have to get it done!

    Pat Hatt

    2015-02-03 00:45:23 Reply

    Yep, have to start getting them all done indeed

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