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  • February 9, 2015

Time Equals All Things!

Time is relevant to everything and some people can’t wait. They have no patience, which is the problem with many things. I was going to say now a days, but cavemen clubbing mates over the head and taking them away was a problem as well, so we’ll skip that. Time can easily relate to authors.

I’m not talking about those saying, err umm whining, they have no time, because the time we have, in most cases, we determine. If you say you have no time, then what you are really saying is “Something else took priority” or “I’m just a slacker.” The choice is yours. Anyway, time plays a key role.

With the ease it takes to publish a book people can have it up in no time, and many do. So this means they take no time to edit it, no time to read it over even and no time to do things right. They just stick it up and expect things to magically fall out of the sky in their lap. Much like dumb New Years and all those dumb resolutions, but the cat already ranted on that. If I steal his rants he might kill me in my sleep. Back on point, it’s not going to happen.

Sales for my first year were close to nil monthly, second years a dozen monthly, if I got lucky sometime two dozen. Third year things started to pick up. Still can’t say why with any degree of certainty, besides time. It takes time to build things up. Whether that be book sales, build muscle, get your health back in tip top shape or even work your way up the job flag pole. It all takes time. (maybe a bit less time if you are a super brown noser for that last one)

But taking the time to make sure things aren’t rushed leads to a lot quicker results. Quick is relevant of course because quick in the case of book sales, readership, followers, etc. can take years. Where as slow can take years upon years. Just because you can get things out fast doesn’t mean you should. Now it is nice not to have to wait years upon years to release something like with traditional publishing, but if you don’t take the time you won’t make the dime.

Yes, I can do things fast. Comes easy, but fast for me isn’t like fast for another. Everyone has their own speed and we have to recognize that, giving ourselves the time we need. In the end you are your own judge, which I suppose is hard for people who can’t judge a thing.

Ever want to get things done fast? Are you fast or slow? Think it matters in the end? Have enough time?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2015-02-09 15:19:35 Reply

Slow on the bike, slow getting published, fair in quilting, super speed demon with snowflakes! Wish I had more time!!!!!!! (Employment takes priority, and that’s not a complaint,)

    Pat Hatt

    2015-02-09 15:20:57 Reply

    Yep, the 9-5 has to come first. The bills need to be paid or there would be no money or light or electricity to keep warm and do what we like.


2015-02-09 20:51:18 Reply

One thing that’s helped is you have a lot of titles and keep fresh in readers’ minds.

    Pat Hatt

    2015-02-10 00:59:35 Reply

    Yeah that really helps indeed. Wait until my next little challenge

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