• Published:
  • December 29, 2014

Work Stigma With Writing?

Have you ever noticed how many people don’t think writing is work? They stick their nose in the air when you even mention the words work and writing in the same sentence. I guess a Wal-mart greeter just has such a higher work load. But how can sitting at a computer at home be work? The stigma I think many have to writing. It even expands further to basically anything online, even in this day in age. If you make money doing something like affiliate marketing, which is a royal pain in the backside, people think it’s a scam.

So if you make money online it = scam, in so called workers minds. They work so hard with their 9 to 5 that you sitting home in your underwear and writing just can’t be work. That is probably the main reason for the stigma, a tad jealous maybe? Or maybe the image of some people sitting at home in their underwear is so horrifying they can’t think about it? They have to fight traffic and all that fun stuff while you stay home and write when you want. That can’t be work. Writing is just too easy. Pfffft right.

You don’t see them using their imagination for anything. You don’t see them promoting, writing, promoting even more, etc. Nope, just let their bum get wider as they complain about life and tell you to get a job. Unless they are a bum model, then they may not have such a wide one.

Now is writing a high paying job? Maybe if you ghost write and write articles you can make enough to get by. But other than that, unless you are very very lucky, fat chance. So supplementation has to come due or living in a cardboard box many a writer just might end up doing. Thinking you are going to make millions right at the beginning or ever, is as crazy as those people who don’t think writing is work.

Have you ever been told it isn’t work? Think the jealousy thing plays a role? Or maybe they just can’t wrap their mind around it. Who  knows. But write on those who write must, forgetting the 9 to 5 worker bees who like to whine. I wouldn’t be opposed to making millions either, maybe my fat chance will shrink a bit, you think?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2014-12-29 19:21:01 Reply

Writing is fun, but writing is work, at home or on the side. Being easy or fun doesn’t make it less work. It’s all in the attitude. Not going to make a fortune, but if you can enjoy it while you’re doing it, that’s a real bonus.

    Pat Hatt

    2014-12-29 20:11:32 Reply

    Yep, that is the thing. Have to enjoy it and yeah, sadly never going to make a fortune.

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