A Not So Humane World

The fifth book in the “A Not So __ World” series. Last we saw of Jeremiah and Orlin they were thrown far from home as the White House exploded and scattered them and their friends all across the globe. To make matters worse, the two sides of Earth collided and now the Nothing are free to kill the human race. With all manner of creature coming forth, from zombies to sludge monsters to vampires, as the true form of each Nothing takes shape, their chances of getting home look bleak.

But Jeremiah and Orlin are determined to get Lucifier out of his wife’s body and free Trudy once and for all from his grasp. Even if that means going through every last Nothing and Hera herself. They will stop at nothing to reunite their family back at Zeus Mountain and take their world back.

Armed with super powers, thanks to musical inclined nanities running through their veins, Jeremiah and Orlin traverse all sorts of danger as they put the pieces of their life back together. From Puck’s cave to an alternate reality, they will go anywhere to do what has to be done. Join their quest as old friends return, new enemies are created and their journey to reunite their family continues.

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