The Boogeyman Boogie Oogie

The Boogeyman loves to scare. He scares kids by the pair. He thought he could never be beat as he left all the kids in defeat. He even had a shiny scare pin. The Boogeyman would always win.

Then he stopped by Kaylee’s place. She had a smile on her face. She did not even notice him. Kaylee was dancing on a whim. She was doing The Boogeyman Boogie Oogie everywhere without a care. The Boogeyman swore to scare her like the others. He loved when they went screaming to their mother’s.

Will The Boogeyman scare Kaylee? Or will her Boogeyman Boogie Oogie set her free? Find out what happens today by adding another book from Pat Hatt to the fray.

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