• Published:
  • October 7, 2014

A Fart Apart

This is a book that’s just extremely funny – I really dont know why farts are so funny, but they always make me giggle a bit. This book, however, had me laughing quite a bit. I read it to my kid and he was absolutely guffawing.

It’s a short book and it’s absolutely full of rhymes that make it super fun to read out loud, especially when it’s about farts. Some parents might shy away from this book because of what it’s about – but it’s not vulgar! Do not let that stop you, pick it up now and give it a read because it’s fun to read and – despite what you might think right off of the bat – the book has a good message underneath it all, and it will teach your kids about how to not be embarrassed by bodily functions.

My kid went through a phase for a little while where he would get embarrassed if he had to fart (Don’t know why, he used to not even notice!) So this book came at JUST the right time. After reading it to him and listening to him cackle and hoot, he is now no longer worried when the urge hits him. He knows not to go around blasting everyone away, but again – he isn’t afraid of them anymore.

In short a really funny and really fun read that will take you away for a few minutes and make you forget your cares – and will teach you and whomever you’re reading it to a very valuable lesson!