• Published:
  • October 7, 2014

A Not So Perfect World

The story of “A Not So Perfect World” follows Jack and Emily as they struggle to return back home to Earth after some unexpected adventures. But this trip will not be as uneventful as they had hoped, and they soon find themselves in yet another difficult situation. What I really liked about this book was the way the author wove together history and ancient mythology, with the high technology of a futuristic world. It kind of reminded me of Star Wars in this, though in a much more believable and relatable way. And the way they travel through history is very similar to Star Gate, one of my favorite TV shows of all time.

The story is action-adventure all the way. The plot moves at breakneck speed, with twists and turns at every couple of pages. I read this book in less than two days! The descriptions are great and it really shows that the author knows a lot about history and mythology. The main characters are also very life-like with believable quirks and peculiarities, and relatable goals and personalities.

This is a standalone book, but it is part of a series, and I highly recommend reading the other books too!