• Published:
  • October 10, 2014

Tarsier Man: Crime of Time

Spend some time fighting time!

Whoever thought time could be so dangerous? I guess if you’re getting older it really does start to seem like a villain, and this is the villainous side of time personified! This is yet another fantastic addition to the Tarsier Man canon, and this time he’s fighting dinosaurs, giant robots, and a few villains who we thought were put away forever. Show me a kid who doesn’t like dinosaurs, and I’ll show you a kid who doesn’t like having fun. This book is a great read for the younger audience, and if my son is any kind of example, they’re going to be head over heels for it by the time you turn the final page. We’re already old fans of the Tarsier Man books, but fortunately there are plenty more to look forward to in the future.

My wife actually read this one with him because I was feeling a little sick, and she came in the door, shaking her head with a smile on her face, and asked me what I’d gotten her into. My son likes to jump up and shout all the Tarsier Man lines as we come to them, and she just wasn’t ready for it. All in all this is a lot of fun, and it turns out the whole family can get involved in the adventures of Tarsier Man (although my 12 year old daughter just sort of rolls her eyes at the rest of us, so maybe not the WHOLE family). I have a sneaking suspicion though that if Pat Hatt turned his creative energies to writing a short YA book about ponies, she’d be right there with us. Maybe Tarsier Man could have a quick cameo.

Anyway, pick this up if you’re looking for something for your kids to read. My son is 4 and he’s all over these books. There’s a little something for everyone in these pages.