• Published:
  • October 3, 2014

The Honk of Zagonk

Me and my kids loved it. This is the best of Pat Hatt’s books. My kids’ favorite children book author. This book has it all – catchy rhymes, vibrant colors, wonderful art, favorites characters, excellent moral – who doesnt love dragons? Who doesnt love a original story? a creative, and an imaginative one which helps kids read and learn.
The entire book is full of fun. The rhymes and words are easy and interesting and catchy, my four year olds – read the book themselves. And they asked me to read it repeatedly.
Patt’s books are awesome, he understands every kids’ need and gives them what they want and understands every parents’ necessity and gives their kids what they need.
I would love to see these books on department store’s shelves.
Everytime I see my kids rejoice over any new book from Pat I feel confident and proud that I made a wise choice.
This book has it all, and every parent should buy this book for their kids, I am happy that I did – yep, christmas came early in our house and my kids have already got their favorite present, I doubt if Santa could top it off. Santa, game on. 🙂