• Published:
  • August 28, 2017

A Timed Post

Before onward we go. Just in case you missed it. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Anyone looking to give it a go for the next one should go to WEP’s site.

Now on with the show!

You are being timed the moment you opened this page. Get to it. You have 6 minutes left to read this post. Actually it is below six minutes now. Did you notice what I did there or are you too busy rushing through this post?

Isn’t being timed the bees knees? It sure makes you stand up and pay attention. Or does it give you the heebie jeebies? You may look like you have to pee if the latter is the case. I guess if you do, the later may not be so bad. Until you do laundry that is. That may be the mutts nuts.

Are you still with me? Have you left from the timing of it all? Maybe you just have bad timing. Don’t you love being timed?

You are going to have to answer things soon. You better get ready or you may fail. By now you only have 4 minutes left. With each word those four minutes are disappearing. Don’t forget you are being timed.

If you had 6 minutes to start and you have 4 minutes now, how many minutes did you spend reading before you got to this rather long, slowly becoming, a run on sentence?

Quick. You have 3 minutes left. Read the questions carefully but don’t spend too much time on them or you won’t get done.


  1. Was 6 and 6 used in the first paragraph or 6 and six?
  2. Which two of these three mean the same thing. Bees Knees. Mutts Nuts. Heebie Jeebies.
  3. Latter and Later. Do they mean the same thing, the exact opposite or neither?
  4. How many questions were asked in the third paragraph?
  5. What is the answer to the question asked in the second last paragraph?
  6. Is this sequence correct? By answering all five questions you are done. You answered all five questions. You are done.

As you can see I’ve been doing tests for employment. I just had to pass some of the “fun” along. Be thankful that I can’t do a memory game. I had three friggin seconds to memorize a sequence of 15-20 things and then put them in order. Do they think I’m Rainman? Monk? Pffft.

Have you ever had to take any employment tests? Did you get through in six minutes? I can check.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2017-08-28 13:37:05 Reply

Speed reading on a phone on a bumpy buss is not for me. Reading comprehension on a phone is not always predictable. Employment tests are common in this part of the world. I had a 20-word spelling test and a typing speed test for the job I’ve held for more than 23 years. Now they throw in drug tests and background checks to boot…

    Pat Hatt

    2017-08-28 14:05:06 Reply

    Phones can screw you over indeed haha oh yeah, have to pee in a cup these days too.

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