• Published:
  • October 9, 2017

A Wonder Advancement!

Kids sure see the wonder in everything and as adults we can choose to at times, but does it really help when it is not practical?

Advancements are grand and fun to see. Then you get into the whole, he/she has one so I should have one too, escapade. The old Jones’s coming back to haunt you.

For instance a guy had a drone floating about and he uses it for his business. Makes perfect sense for him to have one and use it to take pictures. But a couple saw that and, “Oh, wouldn’t that be wonderful to have?” popped out.

They sure saw the wonder of it and then their wonder started to wander. The best form of marketing, I guess. Get those minds wandering with wonder. Hmm, maybe I should copyright that saying.

Suddenly one of them wanted one. Only a few thousand bucks to get one like that. When asked what he’d do with it, the response was, “It would be fun to fly.”

Now we come back to the child like wonder. Yes, it would be fun, but for how long? Much like kids move on to the next wonder, you probably would too. Unless you use it to be a peeper and spy on your neighbors, then maybe not. So now we are back with the Jones’s mentality.

That sure does seem to be a common theme with marketing. Maybe that is why I hate marketing so much. As we swing back to practical we find, unlike kids who don’t have to pay the bills, we have bills to pay. Suddenly that few thousand on your credit card to fly a drone for fun may not look so fun. I guess I’m just a fun ruin-er.

Did you ever want something because another had it? Are you ready to drop a few thousand on a drone to fly it around for fun? Do you look at how long you will have fun with a thing when compared to the price of it? Do you have to have the latest advancements? Are you tired of my questions yet?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Hilary Melton-Butcher

2017-10-09 06:54:25 Reply

Hi Pat – I’m not a follower of trends … if they can be of value yes … but not if totally unnecessary – so count me out … your questions are fine! cheers Hilary

    Pat Hatt

    2017-10-09 11:00:08 Reply

    haha good to know the questions are fine. Yep, avoid unless value is had.


2017-10-09 10:47:02 Reply

I have a photographer friend who uses his drone nearly every weekend. Sometimes I think it might be fun, and I’m sure I’d use it quite a bit, but there are other big-ticket items I need more, like front and back door replacements, a freezer, new flooring in two of the rooms, a small greenhouse, terracing in the backyard, a couple more raised-bed gardens, and a long arm quilting machine. So I’ll just keep saving. No credit cards for me.

    Pat Hatt

    2017-10-09 11:01:17 Reply

    Wow, the drone sure would take a back seat to that. Agree, screw the credit cards. I need a new computer, but until I get the dough, answer is no.

Alex J. Cavanaugh

2017-10-09 13:34:09 Reply

That’s when you need to recognize the real reason you want it and would it be practical. Years ago we purchased on of those glowing balls, the one where the static electricity follows your fingers. We still have it, but never use it. Neat, but not worth seventy bucks.

    Pat Hatt

    2017-10-09 13:40:52 Reply

    Yep, the neat-ness of it soon wears off quick and makes one realize why they ever bought it in the first place.

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