• Published:
  • February 21, 2016

On The Move

Since the cat is scheduled to the end of the year I figured I’d put it here, and it gives me an easy post, that we are soon on the move. No “guests” this time for the cat as we move about. So if we are away for a day or so, as I have to cancel the internet before we move on, that is why. So no one croaked if we aren’t hopping about, just no internet.

17th move too. Think that is a good number? Where we are moving to, I’d say not. But at least there are only 2 big things to move as everything else I sold off with ease. Well with some ease, the nuts online always try and low ball away. I just ignore those even when they give hate. So that is one plus, easy move.

Although we still have a hate for moving as it is a big pain in the butt. But have to move sometime. 17 times proves I can hop about and have the moving down. Something always seems to crop up and get in the way too. We’ll see what it is this time. The last time it was friggin late movers. They took their sweet time.

How many times have you moved? Do you enjoy moving? I’m sure the answer to that is probably a no. Not much to enjoy about the actual moving part.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Alex J. Cavanaugh

2016-02-22 23:15:27 Reply

Is that seventeen times in your lifetime or as an adult? I’ve probably moved close to that. My father was in the service and we moved quite a few times. Trying to count in my head and it’s about fifteen or so.
Good luck! I take it all the cat trees and toys are moving with you?

    Pat Hatt

    2016-02-23 00:13:05 Reply

    17 in my life time. I never moved distance wise nowhere near as far as you have. All mine were in the same province haha yep, the cat toys and trees are coming with.


2016-02-23 00:38:04 Reply

So THAT’s why some ends might be in sight… Thanks for the head’s up; we do assume something’s wrong when you vanish but also deeply understand some need for privacy. :). Hope the move is for the better! 11 lifetime for me, I think; 2 to new states. Just as many office moves in half that time the last few years… ICK!!! HATE moving! Hope yours goes smoothly!

    Pat Hatt

    2016-02-23 01:19:37 Reply

    Yep, no dough can screw with the word flow. Ugg to moving, but it should be easy enough.

Bouncin Barb

2016-02-23 01:18:47 Reply

I too have moved more times that I would like to remember. Usually when I moved it poured. I mean torrential downpours. The last time I was pretty lucky and I hope it’s the last time for many years to come! Good luck to you.

    Pat Hatt

    2016-02-23 01:20:18 Reply

    I hope there is no down pour or snow.

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