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  • October 27, 2014

No Saying Fart No Saying Fart

So this is kind of a weird subject to blab on about for a while. Well weird as in that it may seem eye roll worthy I supposed. But I was listening to someone the other day that was rather nutty. She was going on about how kids should not be allowed to use the word fart because it would promote them to pass gas all the time. Well firstly, unless you eat beans, eat lots of broccoli daily or are very talented in that department, you aren’t going to be able to pass gas all the time. Secondly, some people just need to pull their head from a certain place and pass that gas. Farting, there I said it, err umm typed it.

Now if farting is a bad word, what next? Ouch? Oh sorry everyone, you can’t say “Ouch” because that tells people you are hurt and you might be hurt all the time. It would just annoy people. We can’t have you saying ouch anymore. Same thing, utterly ridiculous, yet people buy into such crap. Once one says it, many seem to follow. But then what can you expect when there are people still out there who still think the world is flat. Maybe they could use a good farting session. Or they had one too many and their brains leaked out.

Adult brain, if you can say that to such people, seems unable to fathom things like a child. Many act like that is such a bad thing to do. Kids find farting funny. Oh no, it’s the end of the world. In one of my books, the one picture above of course, shameless plug, I used every word for fart going. Should I expect to be picketed by anti-farting crazy people now? I guess I better stalk up on the broccoli so I’ll have something to use to scare them away.

Is the PC world going insane? Tough one to answer, right? Think kids should be allowed to say fart or farting? Like my ouch idea? Hey, it may curb some whiners. Yeah, probably not, they’d find something else to whine about. Now I think I’ll go have a good fart and I’ll say the word a few times as well, making up for the poor kids who can’t even say it any longer.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2014-10-27 16:11:51 Reply

Can’t use the word fart? That is just crazy. And would they just rather the kids exploded?

    Pat Hatt

    2014-10-27 17:03:50 Reply

    haha yeah I thought it was as nuts as can be. I guess they want to bottle it up

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