• Published:
  • July 18, 2016

Ideas Beamed In?

So an idea got in my head for a book and 11 days later it was written. 75K words with one arm. Can you say suck it Nano? Or that I have no life, that can be said too. I think that is the fastest I ever wrote a novel of that length. The story just wanted to be told. The idea popped in and away I went.

Which brings up something a umm crazy person, not in a good way, tried to argue with me a while back. Where do ideas come from?

Now any sensible person would say they came from experiences in life. Some comes from reading and seeing other ideas as you make it your own. Some come from dreams. I’ve even heard some say God gives them ideas. All of which you can see in some light. Not that I believe the later, but I can give the benefit of a doubt to it.

But this nut was adamant that ideas didn’t come from any of them. Nope. They came from aliens beaming them into your brain. Sadly, he was deadly serious too. I guess the aliens upgraded from probing up the butt to brain probing.

If some little green men are popping ideas into my brain then I really am a cat that rhymes. I guess the super ridiculous gives some comfort. But as long as they aren’t hurting anyone, power to them. He had a hat on his head. It could have been covering up the tinfoil. You never know. But then who wants the tinfoil to block the ideas? Wouldn’t you rather have them keep coming?

Do you think aliens beam ideas into your head? Where do your ideas come from? Ever had an idea that wanted to be written that fast and it just flowed out? Hey, maybe his nonsense is an idea right there.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Alex J. Cavanaugh

2016-07-18 21:34:17 Reply

I’m still in awe of your word count…
Aliens? Really? Can’t be. I’m wearing my foil hat.

    Pat Hatt

    2016-07-19 00:01:19 Reply

    This one just flowed so easily. haha need to keep that hat handy


2016-07-21 14:01:07 Reply

Aliens?!? Just NO.

Congrats on such a quick and rewarding finish! I’ve done that only once. Maybe after retirement my imagination will run free-er…

    Pat Hatt

    2016-07-21 16:08:37 Reply

    Having no work sure is a perk to get writing done at least

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