• Published:
  • April 10, 2017

Impossible Ideas

So I ran into another one of those nuts who are all, “You write books? I always wanted to write one…” You know how that goes. Then they got onto the whole ideas thing and oh, “But I have no ideas. I just can’t come up with any ideas. How do you?”

My reply was I just do and I’ve got enough to keep me going for 10 lifetimes.

“Oh, that is impossible. No one can have that many ideas.”

I rolled my eyes and away I went as they mumbled away about ideas and me being a liar. Is it really that hard to form an idea though?

I mean I think 110 books and nearly 3000 blog posts proves I have plenty of gas in the tank. I’ve never had a problem with ideas. No writer’s block, nadda. When I want to write, I write.

Of course it helps the cat, and for some of these posts here, when some people are so stupid. Plenty of material. And that is all it takes, one word can set me off and away a post or book shall form.

I don’t always know what I’ll write next but when the idea pops in and wants to be told it gets pushed to the top of the pile. Maybe some people over think things too much? Or some are just brain-dead. We’ll be nice and stick with the first.

Do you find it hard to come up with ideas? Meet anyone that can’t get an idea to save their life? We’ll just keep letting them flow, fast or slow, away they’ll still show.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2017-04-10 13:52:07 Reply

How lucky you are to never have battled writer’s block! I will never run out of ideas, but that old block likes to sneak up on me! More so when I was a journalist; I think stress stifles ideas.

    Pat Hatt

    2017-04-10 15:41:58 Reply

    True, when under the gun or stress is involved, sure can stop the creative aspect.

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