• Published:
  • July 17, 2017

A Little More, A Little Less

As I listen to the same stories, sadly, over and over again it can be rather amusing to hear how they change. And it isn’t like that whisper to this person or that person thing they do in elementary school. Nope, they come from the same person.

One moment they paid $200 for something and the next they paid $250 for that exact same thing. And the funny part is that they tell the story to the exact same person maybe a month apart. That person believes them too, never questioning it.

So either people around here have the memory ability of goldfish or it is a common theme. I’m leaning toward the latter because I’ve heard it pretty much everywhere I’ve worked.

And then there were the times were so and so got with so and so five times, six times, two times, which means really no times. Pretty much anything that makes one puff their chest out and try to impress leaves it open for change.

Each have the lying part down. That I won’t dispute. But when it comes to the keeping their facts straight, they fail every time. They play to their audience at hand, give them what they think they want to hear, and end up looking stupid to anyone that truly pays attention.

My point is that they try to please all and fail. It is something that holds true to any media, the moment you try to please everyone you are doomed to fail. It’s a fact many writers ignore when they are starting out. They want the sales so they try to please everyone and end up pleasing no one. Something I figured deserved a mention.

Plus it goes to show that these people who say they have a great story idea and will make a million bucks, etc. may be able to spin a short tale, but they can’t even keep that straight. If they were to make it to the “the end” part, they’d fail at the editing out plot holes part every time.

Just another observation at my sea. Can’t always come from a snarky cat, but I’m sure he’ll get to that. Ever see it from anyone? Ever catch them with their so-called facts screwed up? Try to embellish a bit yourself?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Hilary Melton-Butcher

2017-07-17 07:27:12 Reply

Hi Pat – I quite agree … less is better with matching facts. We need to write our passion … and that will show through – after all none of us like all the same things … cheers Hilary

    Pat Hatt

    2017-07-17 18:34:58 Reply

    Yep, no one likes the same things as everyone else indeed

Alex J. Cavanaugh

2017-07-17 12:44:54 Reply

Stick to facts. Who could remember all those lies anyway? And no way we can please everyone.

    Pat Hatt

    2017-07-17 18:35:37 Reply

    Some don’t think they’ll get caught in such lies. Yep, never please everyone indeed.


2017-07-18 13:51:33 Reply

My mom always told me it’s best to stick with the truth so you don’t have to keep track of lies. I don’t think every mama taught that…

    Pat Hatt

    2017-07-18 14:00:16 Reply

    Nope, many sure don’t teach that indeed.

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