• Published:
  • April 24, 2017

Sneak Peeks

So with the a to z and such, you may think me out of touch. Yeah, like you’d ever think that. Now I’m rhyming like that cat. While there are a few rhymes coming due and so I thought I’d show what may be coming soon to a bookshelf near you.

First in a new trilogy at my sea. And all three are written even before the first comes out.

The 5th tale concerning Drazin, Pat, Cassie and Orlin, which you may see soon on the cat’s blog.

Tarsier Man returns for the 17th time to take down an evil car dealership, aren’t they all?

And Profanity Granny wanted another go, or three, so she may soon return for thee.

Add to that the 2 Connective sequels done, a few more kids ones on the go, and 3 novels is various stages at my sea, and you’ve just been sneak peeked by me.

Profanity Granny sure lives up to her name. Do you agree with her claim? Got any on the horizon at your sea? Any spark your interest from me? Won’t have long to wait for most as they come out at my coast.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.



2017-04-24 13:41:28 Reply

Congrats on being so prolific! I’m amazed again. I have two done but must format one and proof the other. Four waiting in the wings for the proper motivation to finish. Even pulled one out last week…

    Pat Hatt

    2017-04-24 14:35:13 Reply

    You’ve got a lot on the go too. That is sure a win.

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