• Published:
  • January 8, 2018

The Social Everywhere Way!

Don’t you love when you follow someone on something and then they tell you to follow them on this…and this…and this…oh, and then that? I mean they are easy enough to ignore and most of us usually do, but then you get some “suggestions” that you should join everything too. It’s the best way to market.

So spending most of your time checking multiple accounts across multiple social media platforms is the best way? Providing content for multiple accounts across multiple social media platforms is the best way? Interacting with the followers of multiple accounts across multiple social media platforms is the best way?

Oh, wait. Just having multiple accounts across multiple social media platforms and telling people to follow while you do nothing at all to any of them because you are stretched so thin for time that you can’t even write something to market or pump out a run on sentence like this one is the best way? Did you get all of that or were you too busy do nothing with your multiple accounts across your multiple social media platforms?

Yes, you need a presence. Any one with half a brain knows that. But what is the good of having such a presence that you end up having no presence at all? Your multiple accounts across multiple social media platforms will all look dead.

Now there are ways to do it. Have multiple people running them, use software, or hire out, for instance. But is it really wise to focus on 8, just pulled the number out of thin air, accounts sparingly instead of 2 accounts with little neglect? Then maybe build from there. Look! Another way to do it. But then you still have to provide content. Which is what kills a lot of bloggers because they either have nothing to say and/or realize that it is work to provide content.

Do you sign up for every social media platform going? Do you stretch yourself so thin that the accounts look dead? Aren’t you glad my little rant popped in?

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Alex J. Cavanaugh

2018-01-08 00:44:30 Reply

Blogging and Twitter for me. Google+ only because it was easy – and easy to ignore. I can just keep up with what I have now. Any more and I am stretched way too thin.

    Pat Hatt

    2018-01-08 11:01:31 Reply

    Yeah, Google + I just ignore too. Stretching too thin never turns out good.


2018-01-09 00:07:05 Reply

Yes, initially I signed up for every single thing. Because I didn’t want anyone using my name. When I learned Instagram killed my account because I didn’t use it, I shrugged off signing up for any more. If someone pretends to be me, well, I hope they get what they deserve. And I can proudly say I do not have a Snapchat account!!!

    Pat Hatt

    2018-01-09 01:00:59 Reply

    No snapchat to be had? We agree at our pad. True, you wouldn’t want any stealing your name.

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