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  • August 29, 2016

Time Of The Day

I was a week late last time so I will be a week early this time. That will even things out for the questions at the IWSG sea. This time it is one I have said some about before and been asked quite a bit. Or asked, “Do you ever sleep?” more often than not. But it all comes back to it.

How do you find the time to write in your busy day?

Firstly, busy day? Is that such a thing? Being single with two cats makes me a heck of a lot less busier than a writer with a family, so there is that. But busy isn’t always so busy. Sometimes, actually many times, people make things busier than they have to be. Why? Because they are lazy sobs and wait until the last minute or they keep putting things off and off, letting the to do list grow. Then they are the first to complain that they have no time. Pffffft is all I say to them.

I find time because I make sure I’m ahead of the 8 ball. At my former work place I always got asked if I ever did any work by some of the regulars that came through the door, as they saw my desk clean of any trace of work. My response, “Not if I’m doing things right.” Because guess what? I had it done. If it was due next week, it was done that day. If it was due next month, it was done by the end of the week. And that is what I do with my time no matter what I am doing. Why? Because then you can take a breather and nothing piles up. You have the time to fix and make things right if needed. You aren’t under the gun and that stress that so many people who “have no time” feels, never comes to be.

So when transferring that to time for writing, with blogging, Twitter, life’s chores, exercise and other crap that needs to be done to live, I keep ahead. Then I have plenty of time to carve out to write if I choose to. This is the first blog post I have written in 9 days and you’d never know it though. Why is it? Because I finished a 73K word novel in those 9 days. Can you say suck it to nano again?

The time was there, the idea was there and so away the words flowed. Time can be managed. You just have to want to manage it. Do you manage time easy?

Oh, and coming soon.(What does it say when an author uses himself on the cover? Ego much?)

Love Thy Selffinal

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Susan Gourley

2016-08-29 01:21:01 Reply

73K in nine days! Now you’re just showing off.

    Pat Hatt

    2016-08-29 01:59:24 Reply

    Showing off is fun to do lol

Alex J. Cavanaugh

2016-08-29 16:41:14 Reply

I guess if you’d stacked all of your books on that table, we wouldn’t see you.
I do keep way ahead at work. But yes, family does take a chunk out of home time. So does home ownership. I bet you don’t have a lawn to mow ever five days.

    Pat Hatt

    2016-08-29 21:52:59 Reply

    Yeah, n o lawn to mow indeed. Home ownership sure sucks time away.


2016-08-30 14:04:55 Reply

Ha! No lawn at our place! But there is that time-sucking garden that brings me joy as well as grasshoppers, hungry bunnies and slugs… You take the good with the bad, if the good is worth putting up with the bad. I try to stay ahead of everything, but I live in a job where last-minute always wins the day. Another thing I’ve learned to live with because the joy outweighs the stress…

    Pat Hatt

    2016-08-30 15:24:46 Reply

    As long as the joy wins out, then that is a good thing indeed. When the stress wins that it becomes crap.

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